Best played FULLSCREEN.

"Frogging The West!" is a web browser game made for #MiniJam16. The theme was Western and the limitation: at least one frog present.

In this game you are a pet frog that got lost when travelling to the Old West  with your young human friend.

You must get back to your friend crossing deserts and plains. But there are hungry predators out here, so be safe!

To defend yourself you must throw small rocks (different sizes) to your enemies:


  • Arrow keys to move.  You can pick up rocks when passing over them.
  • Use the space bar to throw rocks.

The game was developed using GDevelop 5 (which includes PixiJS).   The jam gave me an excuse to try it.

I am used to Gamemaker Studio and its predecessors (4.0 to 8.1) so learning GDevelop was a challenge, but worth it.  For one, it is free and allows to export games to be playable in the browser.  Something you have to pay for if you want to do it with Gamemaker.

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